What are the different types of slot features?

A slot feature gets used to define a few nudges, a hold option, or a basic Hi-Lo game. However, there are nearly as many extra features in today’s online video slots as symbols in the game. Multiple pay lines, Wild symbols that operate as ‘jokers’ on the reels, and Scatter symbols that pay regardless of where they appear on the reels are just a few of the features available in สล็อตได้เงินง่าย games. Each of the distinct features that are becoming increasingly popular in today’s slot games has its area.

Bonus Rounds:

The Best part of every  สล็อตได้เงินง่าย game is the in-game bonus rounds. They provide the game a new dimension and boost your odds of winning, even though they don’t deplete your bankroll. It’s the bonus rounds that pay out the money. They get triggered by hitting a certain amount of scatters or other special bonus symbols in the base game of most slots. Free spins and bonus games are the two types of bonus rounds available.


Wild symbols may find tens of thousands of current online slots. Wild symbols generate winning combos by substituting all other symbols on the reels. Wilds won’t usually replace Scatters or bonus icons , but if there are a lot of them on the reels, they can still help you win. If you get five wilds on a pay line, you’ll usually win a lot of money.

Expanding Wilds:

Expanding Wilds are a type of special symbol employed by several slot makers. Expanding Wilds appear as a single picture that spans all of the rows. As a result, your winnings get increased.

Stack Wilds:

Wild symbols that appear stacked on top of one another on a reel are known as stacked wilds. Stack Wilds usually emerge in groups of three to fill an entire reel and help players increase their payouts. Stacked wilds can appear in enormous numbers during free spins bonuses on specific slots.

Shifting Wilds:

Remain on the reels for another spin, but “shift” between spins. Shifting Wilds may last on the reels until they’ve made their journey from left to right across the whole reel set.

Paylines get divided into two groups: fixed and variable:

Nowadays, many slot games include many pay lines. The winning pay lines zig-zag across the reels on today’s machines. There are two types of payline slots available. Fixed paylines need a wager on each line. You can gamble on as many lines as you desire with variable pay lines. On a machine with 20 pay lines. You can, for example, wager one line, Ten lines, and so on. For each line, payment gets required. Multi-pay line slots are perplexing since the winning pay-lines differ from one slot game to the next.

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