Top 5 android applications that must be in your smartphone

If you are using the android smartphone, then you would be aware of the fact that they offer a very stunning user interface. These applications are mainly designed for offering a marked quality experience to its users.

If you want to get an idea about these applications, then these below-mentioned applications are really very effective for your phone. So, you should surely install them on your smartphone and explore their features.


It is essential for you to have an idea about the weather of the place where you are living. The 1weather is one of the top-rated apps among the free apps for android, which is equipped with some of the stunning stuff.

It is specialized in offering you various details such as current weather conditions, forecasts, and fun facts about meteorology. Though it is free of use if you want to remove the advertising, then you have to some of the charges. There is no doubt that you will surely get obsessed with the features offered in this application.

Bitwarden password manager

As there are several numbers of passwords, and it is difficult for individuals to remember them. The best thing that can be done by you is to consider the use of a bitwarden password manager. It is one of the top-rated password managers in which you will get a vault which will store all the usernames and password.

There is no limit to storing the password and username. You will be amazed to know that it is equipped with a very advanced encryption system and one of the top-rated managers.

Blue mail

If you are looking to install any of the free apps for android for email, then no other application can take a spot of blue mail. It is very simple to access an application that lets you manage your emails without facing any kind of hassle.

The best part about the application is that it is loaded with some advanced features, which will make your experience much better. If you want to block some of the mails in which you are not interested, then you can easily do it on these applications.


If you are a person who likes to try different recipes and expose them to a huge audience, then a cookbook is the best application for you. It is available free of cost, and the most stunning part is that you can also get dietary advice from this platform.

The user interface of the platform is very smooth, and even it offers some extraordinary features like cloud service. The best thing is that you need not have to pay any kind of premium for using the features. So before trying any other application for recipes, you are suggested to have a try at this one as it will not disappoint you.

Thus, you would surely have got enough knowledge about the top-rated application, which you must have on your android smartphone.

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